Second Vertical Pro features industry meeting for professional work at height – Halls & Walls provides information about sustainability – IAPA honors product innovations with IAPA Innovation Award

Sustainability and innovation: Vertical Pro and partners highlight key topics

June 29, 2022 | Friedrichshafen – For anyone who spends time at significant heights, whether at work or in their free time, the Vertical Pro is the right address. Whether façade work, mountain rescue, tree care, or route setting: The two-day program of expo stands and attractions, Demo + Test areas, lectures and seminars offers vertical professionals not only concentrated technical expertise but also numerous opportunities for cross-industry exchange at the specialist trade show for the indoor and outdoor climbing industry, rope access, and safety technology on November 25 and 26, 2022. “With the Vertical Pro, we are creating a platform for everyone involved in climbing and boulder gyms, adventure parks, aid and rescue organizations, and industrial climbing,” says Messe Friedrichshafen Managing Director Klaus Wellmann.

“At the second edition of the Vertical Pro, the German Alpine Association (DAV), the International Adventure Park Association (IAPA), and the German Association for Rope Access (FISAT) are again participating as major partners and will be serving up an extensive program of lectures and seminars,” explains Project Manager Annika Raff.

Halls & Walls: What does sustainability look like in the climbing gym?

From dual-texture climbing holds to bouldering mats and gym management systems: Everything that professionals from the sports and recreational climbing industry might be interested in will be the center of attention at the “Halls & Walls”, DAV’s international climbing hall convention that is taking place as part of the Vertical Pro. The focus of the lecture program this year will be on how climbing and bouldering gyms can be operated on a sustainable basis. In addition to environmental initiatives for saving energy and protecting the climate, economic and social aspects are also key components of operating a climbing facility in a sustainable manner. At the trade fair in November, forums invite visitors to discuss different approaches to the topic and how sustainability goals can be introduced and implemented in climbing and bouldering hall operations. The goal is to leave a footprint as small as possible on nature and to actively contribute to a livable environment.

Adventure at lofty heights: IAPA Area

Visitors looking for the latest trends and products in the adventure park and education industry will find what they are looking for in the IAPA Area. The focus will be on lectures given by specialists, numerous practical workshops, and the exchange of ideas with experts in regard to current industry topics. This year, the IAPA Innovation Award will again be honoring trends that are particularly trailblazing for the high rope course industry. IAPA Chairman Philipp Strasser draws positive conclusions from the success of the first edition of the Vertical Pro last year: “It has demonstrated to us that the IAPA and the Vertical Pro form a productive and beneficial team on many levels. This platform enables intensive exchange among representatives from the fields of ropes courses, safety and inspection, production, and construction.” Especially the live and personal contact was indispensable, Strasser emphasizes. This year, the IAPA once again has a broad presence at the Vertical Pro: “We also want to shed particular light on the burning issues of 2022 with a focus on topics such as personnel recruiting and social media. With the trend towards taking short vacations in the local area, less long-distance travel, and the popularity of getting exercise outdoors in nature, our industry has made it through the last few years well and continues to look to a positive future – so there continues to be plenty of reasons to celebrate in Friedrichshafen!”

The second Vertical Pro will be taking place in Friedrichshafen on November 25 and 26, 2022. For more information, visit or @verticalpro_official and #verticalpro on Instagram.


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