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Citywall is a global company that provides an overall service in climbing walls production from a personalized idea to realization. We take care of everything from climbing gym design, engineering, logistics, assembly, flooring solutions, holds, volumes, maintenance, financing and business planning.

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High and boulder walls, indoor and outdoor walls, combined climbing centres and climbing accesories.

We offer a comprehensive range of climbing walls with associated products and services: high and boulder walls, indoor and outdoor walls, combined climbing centres, climbing walls for schools and kindergartens, private home walls, self-standing climbing towers and self-standing boulders, mobile towers and mobile boulders on a trailer, climbing walls for pools, and other sorts of custom made structures. We are a total-solution provider, who can take on any kind of climbing associated project.
All our climbing wall products are made in accordance with EN 12572 standard and that the structures are statically calculated and have all passed necessary compliancy tests.
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Climbing Gym Heaven is a platform where you can find different brands of climbing holds and volumes.

Climbing Gym Heaven is a platform dedicated to all climbers, gym owners, gym managers, route setters and investors. At Climbing Gym Heaven, you will find a large variety of some of the best brands of climbing holds, macros, volumes, training equipment, and other climbing accessories. Brands as Illusion, Infinity and Climb1 are the top ones when you want unique and different climbing holds, macros, and volumes.
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Tricky holds and macros for routesetting and creating unique climbing walls.

Illusion brand products consist of polyester resin and recently we added new wood products under the name Illusion wood. The name of these eyecatchers itself testifies to their main features.
Most of the macros are available in Dual Texture version, and together with Illusion wood volumes they are perfect for route setting and creating unique climbing routes.
They were designed to give style, creativity, and movement to your route setting.
The Illusion brand is primarily designed for competition climbing.

+ 386 41 953 855


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