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CLiC-iT ist ein einzigartiges kontinuierliches und interaktives Sicherungssystem, das entwickelt wurde, um das Risiko des gleichzeitigen Aushakens bei vertikaler oder horizontaler Progression zu verhindern. Es bietet Benutzern und Betreibern Sicherheit. Umfangreiches Zubehör ebenfalls erhältlich.

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Lanyards (High rope course)
Components (High rope course)
Energy absorbers
Accessory cords / Lanyards
Via Ferrata sets

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3 security systems adapted to your needs

1- CLiC-iT Adventure is a communicating, dual-leg lanyard for aerial adventure courses that provides peace of mind to those who climb it and those who run it. When one connector is open, the second is locked. Easy to use, D safety level, Reliable, durable and economical.
-2- CLiC’N’ZiP is a CLiC-iT lanyard (opening one connector automatically locks the other one) with an integrated pulley.No more need for a third lanyard for the pulley, Simplified briefing, Simplified rescue for the operator on the ground. It is an easy to use product, ergonomic, robust and durable.
-3- CLiC-iT RIDER continuous lifeline : the connecting element with the cable is a pulley , which once inserted into the safety cable cannot be opened by the participant. This pulley, however, can be quickly opened by a monitor if necessary. Simplicity : the user has nothing to manipulate; Intuitive : reduced biefing; Ergonomic and easy to use : from 3 years old; Quiet; Low maintenance.

CLiC-iT : The solution adapted to your needs
C-PASS: A unique zipline access control system

The C-PASS is a zipline access control system.
• Block zipline access if someone is already engaged
• 100% automatic and mechanical lock for guaranteed reliability
• Implantable on any type of environment
• Does not require any modification of your PPE
• Autonomous energy (standard rechargeable battery, 1 month of autonomy and rechargeable overnight)

4 Pulley Models

We developed 4 models of pulleys, you’ll find the one you need!
C-ZiP Xtrem= One block forged pulley; Forged stops to resist impact; Connectors holders; Steel wheels
C-ZiP Speed= Forged in 2 parts; 440 grams; Steel wheels
C-ZiP Air= Forged in 2 parts; 360 grams; Nylon wheels
C-ZiP Lock= A compact PPE pulley (coming soon)

4 Pulley Models: Find the perfect fit!


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