Accreditation guidelines

Accreditations are solely intended to facilitate journalistic reporting

Furthermore, trade show organizers reserve the right to conduct further investigations to establish proof of journalistic activities, even if a press ID has been presented. As a trade show organizer, we grant accreditations to help provide journalists with easy access to information on our events and our company.

Accreditatios are granted to:

  1. Bearers of a valid press card ID from a domestic or foreign journalists' association
  2. Individuals from Germany or abroad who can demonstrate their journalist (or photojournalist) activities as follows:
    a) By presenting original copies of byline articles that were published no earlier than are six months prior to the event in question

    b) By presenting an original copy of the masthead (or weblink), which lists that person as an editor, a permanent editorial staff member or a writer, from no earlier than six months prior to the event in question

    c) By presenting a valid ID from a student publication (members of school newspapers or similar youth media without a valid youth press card will receive a day pass on a one-off basis)
  3. Photojournalists who can satisfactorily demonstrate that they work in the industry. The accreditation application must include samples from current publications (that are no older than six months)
  4. Internet editorial staff members belonging to recognized editorial offices or publishers
  5. Individuals who can show that, at the time of the trade show in question, they engage in media and public relations work for a government agency or an institution, or are acting as press spokespersons or employees of a public relations department at one of the exhibiting companies. Written confirmation of this must be included with the accreditation application
  6. Individuals who can satisfactorily show that they require press releases and other information for non-profit purposes (for example, radio for the blind, associations for the disabled). If proof is furnished of a severe disability (disability pass), the accompanying person shall be issued a day pass.
  7. Press agency employees providing services to exhibiting companies during the trade show will only receive accreditation upon presenting a valid press pass. Those without press passes are advised to contact their clients in order to gain access to the trade show.

Content creator accreditation policies

The following can receive accreditation as Content Creator:

  • Operators of an active blog, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok channel whose specialty or topic relates to the respective trade fair
  • The activity must be proven with the corresponding links
  • The blog, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok channel has existed for at least half a year
  • Written, image and/or video content that is industry-related or relevant for the trade fair target group is posted regularly on the channels, i.e., at least once a month
  • It must be clear that the content was created personally by you with a thematic reference to the trade fair
  • The blog, Instagram, YouTube or TikTok channel must have an imprint in which you are listed by name
  • The blog complies with the quality standards of fairnamic GmbH (appearance, coverage, etc.)
  • A maximum of two people can be accredited per channel
  • For easier checking, you are welcome to send us key figures (page impressions, page insights, unique visitors or dwell time) of your page/channel as screenshots, uploaded or via e-mail.

The following will not be accredited:

  • Product testers
  • Commercial blogs, YouTube or Instagram channels
  • Corporate blogs
  • PR blogs

No accreditations are granted to:

  1. Persons with no form of press ID whatsoever
  2. German nationals with place of residence in Germany who present a foreign press ID, for example, Universal Press (USA)
  3. Persons whose press IDs have expired
  4. Persons whose journalistic assignments have been issued by other freelance journalists; this applies in particular to private individuals accompanying journalists!

We ask for your understanding that all non-editorial staff, such as marketing or advertising personnel, are excluded from receiving a Press Card.

Credentials must be submitted in German or English. In individual cases, the trade show organizers also reserve the right to request the presentation of a valid photo ID. There is no inalienable right to accreditation. If necessary, trade show organizers will refuse access to the premises to any person or persons.

We point out that even prior inclusion in the press distribution list of Messe Friedrichshafen/fairnamic does not automatically mean that one can obtain a Press Card.