Tips for going out in and around Friedrichshafen

Friedrichshafen - discover the advantages of November on Lake Constance

If you come to the lake in November, you can enjoy the peace and quiet that is much appreciated by the locals. Discover, enjoy and stroll - without the hustle and bustle.

Food and Drink

Visitors and locals alike enjoy unique specialties and regional delicacies here in Friedrichshafen.

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Discover and Stroll

Beautiful old towns in the surrounding area invite you to discover and stroll around. Enjoy the enchanting flair of the old towns nestled in the beautiful scenery of the Lake Constance region and learn more about the history of these historic towns.

These towns can be reached from Friedrichshafen by train (Lindau, Überlingen) or by bus (Meersburg, Constance):

Friedrichshafen Überlingen Meersburg Constance Lindau

Top sights at Lake Constance

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Christmas and light magic at the lake in November

You can find more tips for winter at Lake Constance on the pages of Lake Constance Bodensee.

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