Voices on VERTICAL PRO 2023

November 25, 2023

Dr. Wolfgang Wabel, Head of the Mountain Sports Division of the German Alpine Association (DAV):

"Our conclusion is very positive. 'Of course we're here – it's the place to be' is what an exhibitor told me as I was walking through the halls. The Halls and Walls at Vertical Pro is a platform that enables exchange, something extremely important to the community. Because that's what it's all about: meeting the people from the scene, gathering information and networking. We have noticed greater crowds of visitors this year, especially a more international audience. And also in terms of space, the area of the Halls and Walls has expanded and is almost bursting at the seams. For us, the DAV, it is important that we can address the different sections and precisely they were here, too. This year's focus topic of route setting in the presentation program hit the mark and there were good discussions. We are pleased about the good cooperation between Messe Friedrichshafen and the German Alpine Association, which is basically already a tradition."

Sven Drangeid, Office Head of the German Association for Rope Access (FISAT):

"We were pleased that the topic of the presentation met with interest across the industry and that the audience stayed until the end of the presentation. The feedback from the panel discussion was also very positive. It shows that the participants have realized that you usually only fall down once. There were very interesting discussions with representatives from areas who also work at heights, but where it had not yet been obvious that we have some things in common. This is where we noticed: We have a special area, you have a special area – here we can learn from each other. We will be happy to again be a partner for the supporting program at Vertical Pro next year."

Raimund Wimmer, Press Spokesman DRK Bergwacht Württemberg (DRK Mountain Rescue Service):

"We are very satisfied, because a lot of people came to us to gather information. It is particularly important to us to show people how relevant and versatile the work of the mountain rescue service in the low mountain ranges is. The mission figures impressively prove this. We have been a partner of the event since the first Vertical Pro and this shows how important the trade fair is for us."

André Willer, video blogger "FeuerwehrWilli":

"This was my first Vertical Pro and I'm thrilled. I have noticed several times that the trade fair is very valuable especially for firefighters and THW (the technical emergency service Technisches Hilfswerk) and you can find a lot of useful information for yourself. Especially the topic of safety in missions is important to me and there are many answers to be found here in the area of fall protection and safe handling at heights. Also when talking to other exhibitors I noticed that the quality of the trade visitors was very high – the development curve is clearly very steep and we can expect a lot again for next year. My advice for other emergency services is to get the information first hand from the manufacturers and this is a great opportunity here. My conclusion about Vertical Pro: See you in 2024!"

Markus Breithaupt, owner and managing director of Kletterspezialisten GmbH, who performed the demonstrations on the climbing tree and the container on behalf of Eder Maschinenbau and Michael Pögel, Eder Maschinenbau:

Markus Breithaupt: "I rate trade fairs according to the technical discussions and inquiries and they were very good here. We had many interesting conversations with experts here at the booth. Also from areas that we didn't really expect. Especially in the area of route setting and rope rescue, there was a lot of interest in our devices. The Demo+Test Area offered ideal possibilities for demonstration – whether climbing tree or container tower – so it was possible to demonstrate devices in active use with many variations."

Michael Pögel: "I can only confirm that, we have had many technical discussions. The testing opportunities are very good and also how everything was organized in advance. On the second day we expected a higher number of visitors."

Ramón Patone, operator of the climbing gym Kletterwerk Radolfzell:

"As a climbing gym operator, you always try to be up to date with holds, walls, safety and belay devices. Here you have the opportunity to look at everything live, to network and discover the innovations. That's why the trade fair is a very important event for us every year. It is also a social venue: In a relaxed setting, you meet many people again, also international, people you have known for years."

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