We can do height rescue!

Welcome to the new RESCUE + AID SECTOR!

This is where associations, clubs and organizations that specialize in rescuing people from heights and depths present themselves. 

Discover innovative equipment and learn more about the work of various rescue organizations.  Experience on-site demonstrations of how modern rescue at height works. 

Our Offer:

Price: Free of charge

The offer applies to clubs, associations and organizations with a connection to rescue at heights or depths.

Services included:

  • Stand Area
  • Stand Walls (Height 2.50 m, OSB Walls)
  • Power Connection (3 kW / 230 V) Power Consumption
  • One OSB counter and two bar stools
  • Stand assembly and -dismantling
  • Exhibitor passes (number depending on stand size)
  • Media Flatrate
  • Waste disposal up to 80 liters per day
  • Security overseeing the halls at night
  • Wifi

Are you interested or do you have any questions?

Alessandra Weigl
Project Manager Exhibitor