For the use of scaffold-free height work or for work in hard-to-reach places, rope-assisted height work is often the only solution. Professional industrial climbers are in demand for work at heights or abseiling to depths. Through them, maintenance and cleaning work, assemblies or inspections on buildings, bridges, towers and technical facilities, such as wind turbines, can be carried out safely.

To reach the hard-to-reach workplaces at height or depth, the method of rope access workstation positioning is used. The rope access technology (RAT) method is used.

To reach the hard-to-reach workplaces at height or depth, the rope access workplace positioning method is used. The rope access technology (RAT) method is often used by industrial climbers due to its high flexibility and safety standard.

The work at heights as well as the place of employment of industrial climbers are varied: assembly and maintenance work, building cleaning, installation of advertising, wind turbines, mobile phone and lightning protection systems, event technology & trade fair construction, scaffolding and high rack construction, pest control, roofing, monument protection or structural engineering, for example, with the specialization of firing and chimney construction work, and much more.

Product categories:

  • Administration software (PPE)
  • Belay devices
  • Carabiners
  • Emergency systems
  • Fall arrester
  • Fall protection
  • Harnesses
  • Lanyards & anchors
  • Person winches
  • Rescue devices
  • Safety clothes
  • Safety helmets
  • Safety shoes
  • Services
  • Static ropes
  • Technical solutions
  • Tool bags
  • Tools

Demo + Test Area

Test the latest developments for working at height at our container tower or train rope access techniques with the newest gear right on the spot at our trussing system.

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The professional and interest association for rope-assisted work techniques (FISAT) addresses all those who are commercially involved in the use of ropes for work and rescue and is particularly involved as a partner in the supporting program.

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