VERTICAL PRO attracts the climbing scene and high-altitude professionals to Friedrichshafen

VERTICAL PRO brings together 2,269 vertical heroes and heroines from 38 nations on two days – Around 90 presentations, seminars and demonstrations convey expertise – event partners and audience are satisfied
November 25, 2023

Friedrichshafen – Wherever you go during the two trade fair days, you always seem to be gazing upwards: to the arborist, who uses a motorized winch to ascend the climbing tree in the trade fair hall, where she then gains a stable foothold between the ropes and the branches. To the climbing wall that is over ten meters high, where skillful route setters attach colorful holds in ever new variations that promise exciting climbing fun. To the hall's roof, from which climbers lower themselves down safely onto the container tower. Vertical Pro, the trade fair for industrial climbing, rope access, tree care, rescue as well as operators of climbing gyms and high-rope courses, took place from November 24 to 25, 2023. It is an exchange format for the over 2,269 vertical professionals. "In its third year, Vertical Pro has again surpassed itself, once more confirming how relevant it is for the professional climbing scene", Klaus Wellmann, CEO of the trade fair, and Sharon Kommer, show director, are pleased to announce.

In the two halls, one could see, for example, sporty down jackets and beanies, the striking red and blue jackets of the mountain rescue service, and people wearing harnesses around their chests and hips, equipped with countless slings, safety devices and carabiners. High-altitude professionals crowded the Edelrid and Petzl booths to discover the latest belay devices. In the Demo + Test Areas, spectators clustered to get information about working techniques and equipment. The presentations on the stages provided information on extreme mountaineering in ice and on the rock, safety equipment, fall protection, how to deal with climate change, new insights and the creative challenges of climbing sports. "The atmosphere during the two days of the trade fair was really special and characterized by interdisciplinary information exchange", reports Sharon Kommer, who took over the project of the expert trade fair in spring 2023. This year, Vertical Pro was bigger, more comprehensive, and more international: "Overall, we have recorded an increase of 20 percent in the number of exhibitors and ten percent more occupied hall space", says Sharon Kommer, who is satisfied with this outcome.

"Vertical Pro is the place to be" – Feedback from the fair

"As a climbing gym operator, you always try to be up to date with holds, walls, safety and belay devices. Here you have the opportunity to look at everything live, to network and discover the innovations. That's why the trade fair is a very important event for us every year", says visitor Ramón Patone, Operations Manager of the 'Kletterwerk' Climbing Gym in Radolfzell, Lake Constance. Also, the personal opportunity to share information is of great importance: "In a relaxed setting, you meet many – also international – people again, who you have known for years." For André Willer, also known to his online community as FeuerwehrWilli, this was his first Vertical Pro and he was particularly interested in the areas of fall protection and safety at heights: "I am thrilled. I have noticed several times that the show is very valuable especially for firefighters and THW (the technical emergency service Technisches Hilfswerk) and you can find a lot of useful information for yourself. My conclusion about Vertical Pro: See you in 2024!"

The partners of Vertical Pro are also satisfied. Dr. Wolfgang Wabel, Head of the German Alpine Association DAV's Mountain Sports Department reports: "We can draw a very positive conclusion. 'Of course we're here – it's the place to be' is what an exhibitor told me as I was walking through the halls today. The Halls and Walls at Vertical Pro is a platform that enables exchange, something extremely important to the community. We have noticed greater crowds of visitors this year, especially a more international audience. This year's focus topic of route setting hit the mark and there were good discussions. We are pleased about the good partnership with Messe Friedrichshafen, whose cooperation with the German Alpine Association is practically already a tradition." With rescue demonstrations, the mountain rescue service DRK Bergwacht Württemberg was in action several times a day in the high ropes course: "We are very satisfied, because many people came to us to gather information," reports Raimund Wimmer, press spokesman of the Bergwacht Württemberg. "It is particularly important to us to show people how relevant and versatile the work of the mountain rescue service in the low mountain ranges is. The mission figures impressively prove this. We have been a partner of the event ever since the first Vertical Pro and this shows how important the trade show is for us." Sven Drangeid, Head of the German Association for Rope Access (FISAT) states: "We were pleased that the topic of the presentation met with interest across the industry and that the audience stayed until the end of the presentation. The feedback from the panel discussion was also very positive. It shows that the participants have realized that you usually only fall once. There were very interesting discussions with representatives from areas who also work at heights, but where it had not yet been obvious that we have some things in common. This is where we noticed: We have a special area, you have a special area – we can learn from each other here. We will be happy to again be a partner for the supporting program at Vertical Pro next year."

The fourth Vertical Pro will take place in Friedrichshafen on November 22 and 23, 2024. You will find more information under WWW.VERTICAL-PRO.DE, on Instagram @verticalpro_official and #verticalpro.